The Maury Island Incident UFO Audio Walking Tour

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In 1947, UFOs allegedly appeared over Puget Sound between Des Moines and Maury Island. This 1.2 mile round-trip walking tour will introduce you to the amazing tale of molten “slag” falling from a flying saucer over Harold Dahl’s boat, injuring his son and killing the family’s dog; the army-air force investigation that ended with the tragic crash of a B-25 bomber; the personal involvement of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover; the first-ever reported encounter with “men in black;” and the new dispute over whether Harold Dahl ever confessed to a hoax.


History, mystery, ufology, conspiracy, truth and tragedy twist together in the Maury Island Incident. Experience the story as a walking tour narrated by the screenwriter of the Maury Island Incident film, Steve Edmiston.


Part I of the tour is a 0.6 mile walk, starting on a high bluff, then heading west to the Des Moines Marina. Return (round trip 1.2 miles) to your transportation for Part II, which consists of a short drive through Des Moines to see four incredible - and perhaps inexplicable - sculptures that just might not be from "around here."


Your starting point - the Maury Island Incident Mural, located at the intersection of 6th Avenue South and South 223rd Street in Des Moines.


Listen to the audio tour here: - Unlock Code: “98198”


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