The Wedding Mastermind - Seattle 2012

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  • Address: 23660 Marine View Drive South, Des Moines, WA 98198

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In this 3.5 hour Information Packed seminar you will: - Develop a Weekly Marketing Strategy that will bring in More Qualified Prospects That will BUY! - Identify your Marketing Strengths and focus your efforts where they really matter and work. - Develop a Sales System that will help you to close More of the Brides you meet with - Find new techniques on how to reach the "unreachable" Brides and get them to not only like you but to Trust you with their Wedding. - Learn the techniques that have propelled other Wedding Professionals into the success they were searching for and have now found. You will also get a workbook to take home with you and 3 Special Reports that will be emailed to you (a $60 value) that is included in your admission). Email me to Preview this Workbook (Get a Sneak Peak at what will be offered)- --- Rick Brewer has taught thousands of Wedding vendors the tricks and techniques that work with the most successful of wedding businesses. Brides and Weddings are a very unique business and because Rick specifically to the subject of Marketing to Brides, his seminars regularly sell out. “If you face any of these issues, I can help. It is my mission to work with Bridal Businesses and bring them to more effective marketing to Brides and wedding marketing. By showing them how to get more Brides, they will gain more business and a better life. The average Wedding Business will spend more money on Wedding Advertising than they will on their annual vacation. The problem with this is they will get far more return on their vacation than they will from the Bridal Marketing that doesn't work now and will not work in the future and this doesn’t have to be like this” -Rick Brewer --- WE WILL: - Save you money from wasted advertising - Develop a specific Real-Life plan of action for your specific business - Come out with Actionable items to start on THAT DAY - Make you more money by helping you be more effective with getting with the Brides who will buy and stop Wasting time with the Brides who will only waste your time - Live the Life you deserve by making more money 21 Questions that will be answered at the Seminar: 1. How to set up a Marketing Strategy that will become automatic and WORK to bring more brides to you NOW 2. How to get past the “What’s Your Price?” question (5 Responses to this common Question) 3. Why “blast” emailing is a waste of time and actually hurts your business 4. Why your message is trying to get the bride to take the wrong step and TURNING HER AWAY 5. Why you should NOT have a picture of bride in your ad 6. How $200 will get you 10 GUARANTEED face to face appointments that you can sell 7. Why your testimonials aren’t working 8. How to get your competition SENDING you brides 9. Why your business card doesn’t matter (even if it is a fancy metal/expensive one) 10. Why does the bride buy (hint: it has nothing to do with PRICE) 11. Why what you think as an veteran wedding vendor doesn’t matter to the bride 12. A Sales System which puts you in charge and will get you an answer you want EVERYTIME 13. Why 90% of your “Sleep On It” brides are a polite “no” 14. Why the questions you are asking the bride are mostly the wrong questions 15. How to get the TRUE budget out of a bride (which she in most cases is hiding from you) 16. he typical 8 ways a bride is most likely to hear about you 17. hy the bride is buying from your low cost competition (hint: it isn’t because they’re cheaper) 18. How to make your competition IRRELEVANT 19. How to make the next networking meeting one of your BEST EVER 20. How to come away from bridal shows with BIG RESULTS (even if 25 competitors there) 21. How to properly use Social Media to get your Brides to ACT Sponsored by : Greatest of Days Event & Wedding Planning Sign up today Discounts available for groups of 5 or more. Email me for details :