Wouldn’t it be wonderful for attendees to leave a meeting feeling revitalized? Maybe you’ve had a difficult time staying alert during a meeting? Studies show that utilizing natural light in a meeting space environment could improve productivity by 8%. Considering the benefits that natural light has for attendees, it’s no wonder meeting planners are looking to book meetings and events in naturally lit spaces. Business Development Manager, Noelle Khim states that meetings with natural light can “increase productivity, enhance mood, promote sleep, and reduce jet lag."

Here in Seattle’s Backyard, rooms filled with natural light come in many shapes and sizes. If you’re a meeting planning professional looking for venue options with loads of natural light, take a look at all the wonderfully lit venues in Seattle Southside!

Watch our next “Meeting Planner Tip” vlog post to see all the unique venue options available for planners and attendees with ample natural light! If you’d like more information on booking meeting space, please reach out to Meetings@SeattleSouthside.com or 206-686-7262 to discuss your upcoming event.