From shopping in Snoqualmie to sipping in Seattle,
King County has always been a place for doers.


Each of these local favorites have taken the All Clear King County pledge,
backed by public health protocols, to ensure they are reopening responsibly.

With everything from bakeries to museums to plant shops,
you’ll never run out of things to taste, share, shop, and explore.

So, get out, mask up, and Do Something.


We’ve spotlighted local businesses from all across King County that would love to serve you safely, today.

So get out, mask up, and support your local favorites.


Support Businesses Throughout King County!

Do Something at The Cedarbrook Lodge

Do Something at Chontong Thai Cuisine

Family Fun Center & Bullwinkle's Restaurant

Highline Heritage Museum

Lumber House Brewery

Do Something at Normandy Park

Pacific Bonsai Museum

Do Something at The Quarterdeck

Do Something at Soos Creek Trail

Do Something at The Mint


A simple change of your environment can change your world.


Do Something in Seattle Southside!



Do Something to Support King County Businesses



Do Something On a Staycation!



Do Something to Support the Arts!



Eateries & Businesses to Support South of Seattle



Do Something to Support Local Restaurants



Do Something by Shopping Local



So today, mask up, get out there, and Do Something for yourself, for your community, and to support local businesses.






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