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Welcome Back to Seattle Southside!

We’re beyond excited (and so very ready) to celebrate our region and state fully re-opening! We can’t wait to welcome back travelers, locals, sports groups, meeting attendees and all other visitors—not to mention support our local businesses, which can now officially operate at full capacity as of today, June 30th. Hotels, attractions, bars, restaurants, movie theaters and other businesses can once again resume as usual without restrictions (though they may retain the right to make their own mask-wearing requirements).

The wait has been long and not without its challenges, but our resilience is strong, and it’s time to get out and help our region move forward toward full recovery—just as our Pacific Northwest summer gets into full swing and the beauty of our area truly begins to shine! For all the details on any remaining restrictions and exceptions, please see the official COVID-19 Re-opening Guidance from Washington State’s Governor’s Office.


Washington state is open

Updated June 30, 2021 

Washington state has lifted its COVID-19 restrictions on masks, social distancing and capacity limitations,

Can I sit at the bar or go to the movies?

Bars, restaurants, movie theaters and other businesses can resume business as usual without restrictions, unless they require it. 

Do I need to social distance?

There will be no physical distancing requirements, but the state maintains that businesses retain the right to make their own rules, such as requiring customers to wear masks.

Do I have to wear a mask?

For those who are vaccinated, Washington adopted Centers for Disease Control and Prevention masking guidelines that state people who are fully vaccinated no longer are required to wear facial coverings. “Fully vaccinated” refers to people who are two weeks removed from their second shot of Pfizer or Moderna or the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

There are some caveats: The guidance does not apply to health care settings like hospitals, long-term care, or doctor’s offices; correctional facilities, homeless shelters, or schools.

For people who are not vaccinated, masks are still required in public spaces after June 30.

Businesses also retain the right to require customers to wear masks, so check with them before you go.

Should I travel?

The state is following guidance from the CDC for travel.

Restrictions for traveling depend on if you are fully vaccinated.

Fully vaccinated people are required to wear a mask on planes, buses, trains and other forms of public transportation traveling into, within, or out of the United States and while indoors at airports and stations. Travelers are not required to wear a mask in outdoor areas, like a ferry or top deck of a bus.

People who are not full vaccinated must take a COVID-19 test 1-3 days before their trip and are encouraged to check in with the COVID-19 restrictions at their destination. The CDC recommends that travelers who are not fully vaccinated continue to wear a mask and maintain physical distancing when traveling.

Do I need to prove I'm vaccinated?

It’s possible some activities will require negative COVID-19 tests or proof of vaccination, but it’s not a state mandate.

The state recommends that people test negative or provide proof of vaccination for large indoor and outdoor events, but it is not required. Large indoor events are defined as any event with more than 10,000 simultaneous participants located in an indoors enclosed space.

Large indoor events are restricted to 75 percent capacity, unless vaccination verification is occurring. If vaccination verification is occurring prior to entry, and the venue requires all attendees be vaccinated, there are no capacity restrictions. 

The state plans to reevaluate the restrictions on large indoor events on July 31, 2021.

Safety Guidelines

Use these guidelines to travel safely and stay healthy.

Cruise Updates

Stay connected to updates about cruise sailings.

Seattle to Alaska Cruise To Begin in July

Princess Cruises, Holland America Line and Carnival Cruise Line said they would resume cruising to Alaska for a partial season starting in July for passengers who have proof of vaccination.

  • Princess Cruises will sail seven-day cruises from July 25 through Sept. 26. Sales will begin on May 21.
  • Holland America Line will resume seven-day cruises to depart on Saturdays from July 24 through Oct. 2.
  • Carnival will depart weekly from July 27 to Sept. 14. Most trips will be seven-day cruises, with one eight-day trip that has one additional stop.

Norwegian Cruise Line has also started selling tickets for August sailings from Seattle to Alaska.

Stay Up To Date

Travel Updates

COVID-19 travel protocols continue to evolve. These are some of the newest COVID-19 testing requirements to be aware of as you plan your trip.

CDC International Travel Guidance

Do not travel internationally until you are fully vaccinated. If you are not fully vaccinated and must travel, follow CDC’s international travel recommendations for unvaccinated people.

Fully vaccinated travelers are less likely to get and spread COVID-19. However, international travel poses additional risks, and even fully vaccinated travelers might be at increased risk for getting and possibly spreading some COVID-19 variants.

The COVID-19 situation, including the spread of new or concerning variants, differs from country to country. All travelers need to pay close attention to the conditions at their destination before traveling.

CDC will update these recommendations as more people get vaccinated, as rates of COVID-19 change, and as additional scientific evidence becomes available.


Guidance for Travelers



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