Have you seen the new Crowne Plaza?  I had the pleasure of touring the beautiful new hotel and enjoying lunch at the remodeled restaurant.  The words, ‘retro chic’, come to mind to describe the remarkable transformation from the Holiday Inn that once stood here. 

Crowne Plaza Seattle Airport exterior. Hotels near Seattle Airport

The lobby is now clad in purples, grays, and navy, with intimate seating coves throughout and interesting curios placed strategically about.  The atmosphere is modern, with eclectic touches and natural elements.  My favorite feature is the wallpaper of thin wood, like a veneer but more natural, like someone pulled the bark off a forest of trees and plastered it on the wall. The lounge chairs and open backed bookshelves give it a comfortable homey feeling, if one lived in a house right out of HGTV.

Crowne Plaza Seattle Airport lobby. Hotels near Seattle Airport

Off the lobby is the entrance to a new event space where the pool once lay.  This portion of the hotel was not finished when I toured, but the most remarkable feature was; large doors enabling clients to bring in cars, boats, or any other large feature for their event.  The possibilities are endless and the events will be amazing.

Crowne Plaza Seattle Airport bathroom with clean, minimalist decor

The rooms contain modern bathrooms, with clean lines made by many shades of gray and a minimalist décor. The room is equally uncluttered.  But the best part of it all is the rolling barn door that separates the bathroom from the main room.  It is the little decorative surprises that make this hotel unique. 

Welcome, Crowne Plaza, to SeaTac!