It was our first year to finally visit the Washington State Fair together as a family! We went during the day on a weekday, which I highly recommend if you have little ones. There were no lines or waiting at food stands, games, rides, and even the restrooms! There were a good amount of visitors and guests, but nothing like how it is on the weekends or evenings.

Our main goals were to (1) eat delicious Fair foods, (2) play games and win prizes, and (3) take our eldest on his first amusement rides ever! And let me tell you now, ALL were successfully accomplished!

We arrived around 2:30 pm and didn’t leave until about 6:30 pm. We parked at the Blue Gate parking lot, which was extremely convenient, and as soon as we crossed the street and entered the Fair, we were on a mission to eat! 

After passing through the Arts & Crafts Hall, Sam found Pete’s BBQ and ordered the BBQ Chicken and Rib Meal. It included beans and corn on the cob as sides. I headed to a seafood stand and ordered a Lobster Dog (a corn dog filled with lobster instead of a hotdog) and fries. We got our boys a giant foot-long corn dog from Juicy’s BBQ! Our hunger was finally satisfied.

We headed over to the kiddie rides and let Dezmin choose any ride he wanted. We bought a 120 tickets for $50. Games and rides are usually about 6-8 tickets each time. The first ride Dezmin chose was the Water Boat ride. It was a good pick for his first ride. Next, I chose the swings for him. I used to love this ride when I was young, so I thought he would love it, too. We both enjoyed it for a bit, but I started to get dizzy and he was bored.

His Dad chose the kiddie roller coaster, and boy did he love it! He loved it so much, he rode on in two more times!  He was laughing and smiling throughout the whole entire ride. Now we know what types of rides to bring him on!

After the rides, came the games! I think we were Sam’s lucky charms that day because he practically won at every game he played! He played hoops, a duck ring-toss, test your strength, bean bag toss, and more. I, on the other hand, didn’t win anything, but Dezmin also played two games, and won a few prizes, too!

These stuffed animals pictured below are only SOME of prizes they won.

Family Fair Day was a total success, and we all enjoyed every minute of it! Remember, if you have little ones, go during the daytime, on a weekday.