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Michael Dean

With the help of Teatro Zinzanni Hotel L`Amour show I was taken back to the Paris entertainment reminiscent of the oldest, Folies Bergeres and most famous, Le Moulin Rouge cabaret.

L`Amour cast included Maestro Voronin who was a silent creepy magician paired with love interest Svetlana the puppet. Next came Caesar played by Frank Ferrant was a fun loving character resembling a perverted uncle, game show host, and friendly town drunk so smooth he could steal your date right off your arm and you would thank him for doing it. His interaction with the crowd is very hands on so be prepared. Caesar bounced dialog and shtick back and forth with ageless beauty Dreya Weber, from the television show The Practice. The Soprano sensation, Kristin Clayton's voice and costumes were the level of Andrew Webber's Phantom of the Opera . I wish I could say more about the individual performances but, I am still absorbing every interaction I saw and mystery must be kept to get the full experience. 

The dinner was also part of the show. As one act was refreshed a course of five was brought to the table seamlessly flowing with precision to the start of a new act by the performers. I had the vegan pasta dish that like the show transformed boring tofu into a wonderful Ricotta style stuffed pasta shell dinner. The cocktail list consisted of beer, wine and specialty drinks tailor-made to the current running cabaret. I had the show's name Hotel L`Amour cocktail. It was strong, cold and pink, much like you would expect in a turn of the century France bistro.

For three hours I felt like I was seated at a dinner party hosted by the Mad Hatter, but in a festive way. The dinner, drinks and entertainment was bright and stimulating, sometimes confusing and classy at the same time. It was an old style cabaret mixed in with Vegas style Cirque Du Soleil with a Seattle twist for a garnishment cocktail that burned going down with a smooth finish. If you are tired of movies and TV at a hotel or going to the same happy hour over and over again, try this if nothing else for the learning life experience. You will appreciate what a night on the town in the dim Paris streets was like over a hundred and fifty years ago.  I do not know if I will go back, but I want to and I can't explain why.

Here are a couple of tips: when booking a show, booth seats have a clear view of the production but little cast interaction. Please stay after the show and meet the cast in the lobby. If you purchase a Voronin magic kit, they may autograph it for you and stepping out of character for a moment, you will get a great big smile and thank you.   

Joanne Williamson

I recently had the pleasure of attending the Teatro ZinZanni production of “Hotel L’Amour." Although this was my first outing to ZinZanni, I had friends who had attended other productions, and told me what to expect. I was told that there would be much laughter and that the cast would keep the audience much engaged throughout the entire show.  I was a little nervous about the possibility of being engaged by one of the cast members.
The seating with my coworkers was somewhat in the middle but not quite front and center. This was a five course dinner show starting off with an appetizer of Salmon Mousse Profiterole. The main course consisted of Sirloin Steak with Chimichurri sauce, or Columbia River Steelhead, mixed green salad, smoked corn chowder, topped off with a slice of chocolate and raspberry mousse cake. The food was absolutely delicious. The servers being actors and actresses kept it entertaining even as we ate. In fact, many of the main cast came around as we were eating and did funny things to keep us engaged. Caesar, one of the main characters in the show, had this gadget that he used to massage people’s scalps as they were eating. Talk about intriguing, horrifying, and comical, all at the same time!!!
The show itself was part cabaret, part vaudeville, part circus and a whole lot of comedy. It was a throwback to the shows that my mother went to see during the Harlem Renaissance, in Harlem New York during the 1930s. The character Caesar was funny, witty, engaging, scandalous. I found Voronin also known worldwide as “The Maestro,” who is also an Illusionist, to be captivating, magical and mysterious. Although he was non-verbal throughout the entire show, it was he who held my attention. Dreya Weber the aerialist and choreographer was superb in her acting and aerial performance, as were Ling Rui who did the strap act. Viktor Kee nailed it with his juggler act. Svetlana in her nonverbal role was captivating. Kristin Clayton, the soprano had the voice of an angel. All in all, I would give it two thumbs up for a review. The best part of the show was the way that the audience was kept engaged from start to finish.

Melissa Parker

In going to the Teatro ZinZanni, Love Chaos & Dinner, “Hotel L’Amour” dinner show for the first time with my coworkers, I was AMAZED. Upon first walking in, we were welcomed in by The Godfather, who immediately directed us to check-in, coat check, and the elegant standing bar and gift shop. In awe of the elegant decor, a beautiful and friendly hostess was completely done up to the nines in classic 40s-style attire. We were led into the tent and it was magnificent!  I appreciated the brief history lesson about the tent…you’ll find out more when you visit.

We had very good seats, although every seat looked like a good seat, as the show is presented in a circle, as well as interactive, so if you have stage fright, oh well…you may get over it here. With constant eyes on the entire unique night show, combining cabaret artists, illusionists, magician, aerialists, clowns, torch singers, dancers, trio French acrobats, contortionists/dancers who worked the hula hoop, wonderful music, and zany comedy. My favorite and most enjoyable were the aerialist straps act and phenomenal juggler which will blow your mind. The Maestro kept me guessing and the MC kept me laughing.

The whole experience of having such a high quality five-course meal served, while being entertained and incorporated into the show was an experience I will never forget. Now I can’t get enough and want to come back for more. Make sure to get souvenirs, they are really well made and surprisingly, they are not a price gouge at all. Love, Chaos, Dinner and an AMAZING show!!!