Damica Shelton

Wow. Wow. Wow.

To be brutally honest I did not know what to expect and I was a tad bit nervous because of it.  This is certainly out of my comfort zone as I am more of a spectator than a doer.  But I said to myself it’s only 60 seconds a flight, it will be over before I know it!  After check in, you watch a short video and they prepare you for your flight, informing you on the hand signals that they use. Shortly after, you are to be suited up. Good thing to know: if you don’t have socks or proper shoes, they provide you with some!  Okay, back to the flight, although it was 60 seconds, it felt like more than that and you have an opportunity to go twice. Another great thing about iFly: it is also great for events! You can rent out space for corporate and party events/meetings. It was a memorable experience and I recommend it if you are a thrill seeker!

Natsumi Sakai

Last Thursday, I had an opportunity to participate in an event held by iFly in Tukwila. This was my first time experiencing indoor skydiving. I got two flights, and one high flight (you need to pay extra $10 for this high flight). Flying in the vertical wind tunnel seemed to be easy from the outside, but it was not! Once I actually tried it, I realized that keeping the position that we were taught in the instruction was really difficult since the air current was strong. But, I still enjoyed the flights, especially the high flight! I recommend paying extra for the high flight if you can afford it. Thank you, iFly, for such a wonderful experience!

Joanne Williamson

I and a number of my coworkers were recently invited to iFLY for an open house. For those of you who are not familiar with iFLY, it is the popular sport of indoor skydiving.

Upon arriving at the front desk, I checked in and filled out paperwork. From there, I was directed upstairs where I was treated to a delicious spread of Burgundy Beef with sautéed onions, mashed potatoes, salmon with capers, and carved turkey.

Before entering the wind tunnel to skydive, I was introduced to my flight instructor EB. I could not have asked for a better instructor. EB kept the anticipation level up by being personable, knowledgeable, and customer focused. After viewing a brief instructional video it was off to the wind tunnel.

The experience of indoor skydiving is very intense; the winds are up to 185 mph depending upon your weight. The thing to remember is to keep your back arched, legs spread, chin up. These were all points that my flight instructor emphasized before the flight, but sadly enough I had a challenge doing so my first time in. It does require your total focus. Fortunately for me, I was able to go in a second time where I was able to focus, and did much better. All in all it was a fun time and an educational experience. If you are prone to hysteria or faint at heart, indoor skydiving probably is not the recreation for you. One of my daughter's friends was very impressed with me. He thinks that I am super cool. According to him, his mother never would have attempted skydiving of any kind!