If you’re looking for a cheap and fun entertainment, look no further than Post Alley near Pike Place Market, where you’ll find the infamous gum wall and Unexpected Productions! Fernando and I watched their Theatresports production on Friday and it was a blast!

There are two groups, comprised of three actors each that are competing against each other using improvisation games and scenes that are based around a specific challenge, which changes every round. For example, during one round the challenge was limited movement, so the actors had to use games to comprise a scene while restricting their body movements! It sounds much more confusing than it actually is, but trust me when I tell you, it’s hilarious!

I was called on to give a dream I had when I was a child, and I informed that I often dreamt of showing up to school in the nude! The actors comprised a scene based around a Cirque de Solei theme and were not allowed to speak throughout the entire time! It was very interesting to be completely entertained simply by body movements and unintelligible sounds. They wrapped one actor in tin foil, and another threw popcorn on the stage! It was crazy, but hilarious all at the same time.

Tickets are very reasonable ranging from $10 to $15/ticket. You should definitely go check it out! The actors try to keep it family friendly, however it’s not guaranteed. Our show was very mild but I have been told that can vary show to show. Unexpected Productions offers many other classes and additional shows that each has their own twist and purpose.

Do yourself a favor: buy some tickets, go to their show and have a good laugh! It’s a great time!