As a non-resident of the area, I recently took an educational Tukwila Parks Tour where I visited a good portion of the city’s public parks, learning about all the recent renovations and park offerings. If your family is looking for a new neighborhood park, the following are worth checking out.

Duwamish Hill Preserve

Tukwila Parks Tour: Duwamish Hill Preserve

3800 South 115th Street, Tukwila

Situated on a hill, this neighborhood park provides families with trails to go exploring or hike the historical hill up to the lookout of Mt. Rainier. Facilities at the site include trails, viewpoints and an outdoor classroom gathering area, accommodating up to 50 people.

Tukwila Community Center Park

Tukwila Parks Tour: Tukwila Community Center Park

12424 42nd Avenue South, Tukwila

Home to the Recreation Division of Tukwila's Parks and Recreation Department, the Tukwila Community Center is right along the Duwamish River with a southern view of Mt. Rainier.

The public can reserve the area for events such as wedding receptions, sporting events, community and business meetings, and special events. With a spray park and ample grass arena, the TCC is a fun gathering place for families.

The park accommodates parties up to 50+ people, with 310 parking spots, easy freeway access, and close vicinity to the airport, major hotels and large shopping centers.

Bicentennial Park

Tukwila Parks Tour: Bicentennial Park

6000 Christensen Road, Tukwila

Also located adjacent to Duwamish River and close to Westlake Southcenter Mall, this park is heavily used by daytime employees and local residents as trail runners and walkers passing through along the trail. Facilities include a playground, shelter, picnic area, walking path and a log cabin built by volunteers in 1976 serving as a tribute to our nation’s pioneer roots. The parks also hosts many summer music concerts and is available for reservations of up to 25 people.

Riverton Park

Tukwila Parks Tour: Riverton Park4101 South Street, Tukwila

This park upholds a historical significance, being the site of the old South Gate elementary school in the 1950s. Vacated and never rebuilt, it became one of the first and now most popular neighborhood parks, accommodating reservations of up to 35 people with an open grass area, playgrounds, picnic tables and paved path providing handicap access. The backside of the park is a small pea patch serving as a community garden catering to Tukwila’s immigrant population as well as offering spaces available to rent out personal gardens.

Fort Dent Park

Tukwila Parks Tour: Fort Dent Park

6800 Fort Dent Way Tukwila

Part of the Starfire Sports Campus, Fort Dent Park is co-owned by both the parks department and Starfire Non-Profit Corporation. As the largest park in Tukwila, it features 54 acres of soccer fields, trails, open areas, restrooms, and a playground and picnic area. Reservations for soccer fields are available upon request.