Planning a family reunion can be stressful. Fortunately, the Greater Seattle Area is one of the top family reunion locations on the west coast. At the Seattle Southside RTA, we’ve got a highly-experienced team to help you plan the perfect reunion. As for the planners in the family, start with the fun side of planning by picking the theme for the reunion. Here’s a list of ten great themes to take your reunion to the next level.

10. Animal

This one is especially popular with the kids. Everyone can paint their face up or wear a onesie representing their favorite wild animal. This theme goes well for summer reunions in the great outdoors! If you’re looking for some real wild animals, the Marine Science and Technology Center (MaST) in Redondo Beach is filled with over 250+ native Puget Sound species and is open to the public every Saturday.

9. Mafia/Gangster

Large group in mob theme

Ah, yes…the classic mobster theme. Break out the pinstripes and flapper girls for this throwback theme. The whole party will be looking classy and flashy, and if you’re looking for a great venue to bring the crime family, you’ll certainly feel at home at The Old Spaghetti Factory or the Rat-Packesque restaurant, 13 Coins.

8. Colors

Simple, eye-catching, and fun! The colorful theme allows different families or groups to represent their family/group by wearing a single color. When the entire family (or group) comes together for the reunion, it’ll look like one giant rainbow! If you’re looking for something to keep the party entertained, bring the colorful bunch to the Family Fun Center for some competitive go-karting, mini-golf, bowling, laser tag, video games, and more!

7. Beach

Get on island time…in the Pacific Northwest, with a Hawaiian/beach theme! Throw on your floral shirts, sunscreen and Maui Jims for this classic theme. Take the beach idea into the real world at Des Moines Beach Park, where there’s plenty of room for a BBQ picnic along Puget Sound. For dinner, stop by Bahama Breeze and sip on a colorful Bahamarita. Your group will fit right in!

6. Heroes and Villains

Large group of superhero cosplayers featuring the Hulk, wolverine, and others

When done correctly, this theme should let everyone know a little about each person/family before they join the party…the theme is broad, and that’s what makes it arguably the funnest theme on the list! The entire party could be made up of The Avengers and Thanos & company, or Justice League and Legion of Doom, or take the theme further than the comic book and branch out into classic movies/books like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or 007! Stay in costume and head to iFLY for an indoor skydiving experience to give your superhero/villain theme a little more realism.

5. Future/Sci-Fi

Bust out the chrome spray-paint and start up the quantum drive on your UFO for this out-of-this-world theme. This one almost always turns into a Star Wars vs Star Trek battle, but all intergalactic characters and creatures are welcome. The sci-fi reunion will feel right at home at ACME Bowl for Cosmic Bowling. Every Friday and Saturday night, the lights go off and the lanes are illuminated an interstellar shade of blue for some futuristic bowling fun.

4. Western

Group in western/cowboy hats and attire

Saddle up and ride out for this classic western theme. All Clint Eastwoods and John Waynes are welcome, pilgrim. After dueling at high noon, take the reunion out for some good old-fashioned supper at Sharp’s Roasthouse. The applewood smoked meats and spiced mac and cheese always hit the spot after a day of horseshoe and cattle herding (okay, that last one was a bit far).

3. Historical Eras

From renaissance men, women, and children to hippies and flower power, this theme is as educational as it is fun! Historical trivia/Jeopardy is a popular game for this theme, as well as games using toys from a bygone era. If you really want to step back in time, take the party to The Museum of Flight, which explores the history of aviation from the days of the Wright brothers to the Apollo space program and beyond. A day exploring the museum is a day well spent!

2. Patriotic

Uncle Sam makes for a great costume – just sayin’…The red, white, and blue never gets old with this all-American theme. This one is particularly popular if you’re planning your reunion around Independence Day, Memorial Day, President’s Day, or Veteran’s Day. And hey, what’s more American than apple pie? At Dave’s Diner and Brew, grab a slice of apple pie or New York cheesecake and enjoy the ambience of the Route 66-themed diner.

1. Sports

Seahawk fan with face paint and wig throwing up hand signal

Finally, the sports theme is probably the easiest on this list. Who doesn’t have an old jersey laying around somewhere? It’s particularly fun if families or groups are visiting from around the country. You’ll see all sorts of jerseys representing the different cities everyone is visiting from. It’s a great way to showcase how far everyone traveled to make it to the reunion! Here’s an idea: have everybody put their gear on and ride the Link light rail to downtown Seattle for a Mariner, Seahawk, or Sounders game. Your section will certainly be the most colorful in the stadium!