Kristina is the Manager of the Visitor Center and she makes sure everything runs smoothly and each customer experience is enjoyable. After recently receiving an Outstanding Customer Service award, you can be sure you will get nothing but the best.

As a Seattle Southside native, Kristina is personally familiar with the popular attractions, and some of the lesser known attractions in the area. She can give directions to almost any place and knows where to get the finest tall double shot skinny vanilla latte (her favorite drink). She helps visitors book hotel rooms, find restaurants, navigate public transportation, find the best place to watch the sunset, pick up the most beautiful flowers or fulfill any of the other many inquires visitors have.

Kristina can make reservations, customized maps and provide recommendations on any of the tourist activities in and around Seattle Southside. If you ask something she doesn’t know, Kristina will work diligently to find the answer. So call, email or stop by and visit Kristina at the Seattle Southside Visitor Center for all of your travel and tourism needs.

What has been your favorite experience working at the Visitor Center?
Kristina: When a visitor takes the time to write, email or call to thank me for helping make their stay in Seattle Southside enjoyable.  

Has anyone ever contacted you once they've returned home?
Kristina: Oh yeah, it’s one of the best parts about this job. (See above).

Besides Seattle, where is your favorite place to vacation?
Kristina: I have recently returned from a very tropical vacation on Maui that I think is going to be pretty hard to beat.

What is your favorite sport to watch?
Kristina: I like watching any good game, the sport doesn’t really matter. Right now it is the NBA playoffs and I have been pretty entertained by the Miami Heat vs. Chicago Bears matchup. I have also been a soccer fan from birth, so of course I love the Seattle Sounders!

How do you like your eggs?
Kristina: With beans - Huevos Rancheros style.