I have never considered myself much of a museum type of girl. However when asked if I wanted to go to the Seattle Art Museum I decided to try it out and I was sure glad that I did.

My journey started at the first stop of the Link Light Rail station, at the Sea-Tac Airport, which by the way, is the most convenient way to travel into Seattle. To not have to worry about the stress of finding a parking spot downtown or the traffic was a wonderful thing. I hopped on board and took the link to the University Street stop and then walked a few blocks to my destination. The Seattle Art Museum was impossible to miss due to one of the largest pieces of art that I have ever seen outside of the museum. the Hammering Man. 


From the second I walked into this museum I was memorized by the cars hanging from the ceiling with hundreds of light fixtures brightening up the entire room. This is a great display as one enters the building, it really sets up the museum in a very intriguing way. I immediately wanted to get started on seeing the rest of what the museum was all about.

Since I am a student, admission was discounted for me, only $12 to get in, and I felt like that was a very good deal, seeing as much as you get to see.

I  was given a guide of the museum to help direct me through the museum. I started with the different glass blown structures, which are on the second level. I really took my time reading all the different descriptions of the artists, and the meaning behind the artwork. I was really shocked at how old so much of the art work was, and how different most of the pieces were from each other.  

The museum is divided into different rooms that represent different cultures. One of my favorite rooms was the Native American room. It had large structures that had the very traditional clothing on them still, and the story behind each of the structures represented real people and their stories. Some of the different rooms also included:  African, American, Asian, Oceanic, Ancient American, and many more.

Seattle_Art_Museum_GlassSomething that I found helpful about this museum was the educated staff member at the entrance of each room to help further elaborate on any of the pieces, or to answer any questions about the museum itself. I found this helpful when I wanted to know more of the backgrounds on some of the artists individually.

Even though I could have spent hours and hours at this museum just taking everything in, but I started to feel hungry, and it was time to find a new place for dinner. I was in the mood for pizza, and had heard about the MOD Pizza in downtown Seattle being a perfect spot. I was not disappointed. There were many different pizza suggestions but my dinner date and I opted to create our own style.


By the time I was finished ordering and making it through the line to pay, the pizza was done. It only takes about 5 minutes to cook each pizza because of how hot the oven is, making the wait manageable. We took our pizzas and found a table to sit at outside and enjoyed people watching and our meal. 

After dinner it was time to start heading back to the station which was only a few blocks down the street. After waiting about 5 minutes the light rail was right on time and it was just a quick ride back to the Sea-Tac station.

I would highly recommend the Seattle Art Museum to any traveler, or any local who is looking to try something new whether they think they like art or not, it is an experience anyone can enjoy.

Remember: The first Thursday of each month admission is free, so get some friends together and experience just another piece of Seattle.




ADULTS $19.50
SENIORS (62+) $17.50
TEENS (13 – 19) $12.50