For my mom's birthday I took her and my dad on a Waterways brunch cruise to celebrate. It started off a little rough but by the end it was so great that I almost convinced them to move from Spokane to Seattle.

The night before we attended a Mariners baseball game at Safeco Field. It was a great sunny day, not too toasty or windy so it was a perfect evening for a ball game under the open roof of the stadium. We played the Texas Rangers and with a home run in the second inning we pulled out a 1-0 win. Aside from broken bat hitting the Ranger's pitcher it was a fairly uneventful game. So we decided to focus on the next best thing. The food. From Pad Thai to a fully loaded Polish hot dog to pulled pork sandwiches washed down with beer and cotton candy; we were fully occupied for the rest of the game. After the game it was a full on food coma.

With a peaceful slumber we recovered from the game's excitement and prepared for a Sunday brunch on the water. I had purchased tickets online for the cruise beforehand through Waterways Cruises. So we left Seattle and headed over to Kirkland. As the directions stated we arrived 30 minutes prior to departure and made our way to the city dock on Lake Washington. However there was no Waterways boat around. Sure there were other massive boats that looked so luxurious P. Diddy and Jay Z could have been on board, but there was no cruise boat. After failing to convince the yacht captains to take pity on us and take us out for little tour/hot tub/Cristal party on their boats I tried calling the company to get a status update. Unfortunately they were closed.

Luckily the weather was perfectly warm and sunny for a September morning so waiting wasn't that bad. Finally we could see the boat approaching in the distance and once it tied to the dock we boarded and were greeting with a glass of champagne. Did I mention champagne makes everything better? We were led to our table where our drink order was taken and then the captain came around to introduce himself to each table. Then we set sail!

We cruised on the east side of the lake heading south. After passing under the 520 bridge, the longest floating bridge in the world, we sailed by Bill Gates' house and some other incredibly magnificent homes. Meanwhile the captain came over the speakers periodically to make a cheesy joke or two and provide some interesting facts.

At this point we were all drooling while the servers were setting up the buffet. When they announced that it was ready the floodgates opened with hungry passengers. The buffet was great! There was a lox station, an omelet station, a carving meat station, a waffle/French toast station, fresh fruits, salads, soup, muffins and pastries and more. The food was set up all around the first floor of the boat so we didn't need to wait in line and everyone was able to eat right away. Thank goodness.

After scarfing our food we got up and explored the boat. There were couches and a bar on the second level along with a viewing deck and the bridge. We were invited to stop in and take a photo with the captain and pretend steer the boat. Good photo op!

Other sites we saw included the Montlake Cut, which joins Lake Washington to Lake Union and also where University of Washington crew races take place. Hence the encouraging words painted on the side.

 House boats line the shores of Lake Union and it was fascinating to learn more about them and see the different designs. We watched float planes take off and land near the boat, saw the Space Needle and Gas Works Park and the house from Sleepless in Seattle!

Before we knew it we were back in Kirkland raving about the great experience. The cruise was the perfect amount of time at two hours. We were able to see everything and learn some fun new facts and never got bored. My mom had a great birthday and now she and my dad are considering a move!


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