On a tight budget? Seattle Southside is the perfect location for you! Recently I have been asked multiple times for the best free attractions that Seattle Southside has to offer. I decided to write a blog letting visitors know what this beautiful place has to offer without having to swipe that credit card.  Here is a list of the top 6 best money saving activities to do while still having a blast!

Budget Seattle Vacation Scuba

1.      MAST Center

One of Seattle Southside’s more popular free attractions is the Marine Science and Technology Center, better known as the MaST Center. Open on Saturdays from 10am to 2pm, this aquarium includes 11 different aquariums with two touch tanks.

There are many times when there are live dives, or professionals onsite to provide more information on the sea life below, so double check online before visiting to make sure you’re going on a day when there will be an expert available.

Budget Seattle Vacation Pike Place Market

2.      Farmers Markets

Seattle is home to some of the absolute best farmers markets around. With 13 different local markets, this is a perfectly entertaining activity that doesn’t hurt the wallet. One of the more popular ones is the world famous Pike Place Market.

It is highly recommended to all tourists who have never had the opportunity to visit before. From all the different types of food, flowers, and souvenirs, it is a must stop shop.

The nearby Des Moines Waterfront Farmers Market is a local favorite. Every Saturdays, June through October, it is a must see for any local or tourist as well. Situated on next to the Des Moines Marina and Beach Park, this market offers food trucks, local foods and entertainment.

Budget Seattle Vacation Mountain

3.      Hiking

One for those more active individuals, Seattle Southside offers some of the best hiking trails in the Pacific Northwest. One iconic landmark of Washington State that attracts thousands of brave hikers each year is Mount Rainier.

Standing at 14, 411 feet, Mount Rainier is a piece of beauty whether you decide to hike the trails around the landmark, or stop by the park for a picnic, it is a great location for any outdoor lover. Another great hiking location is the Coal Creek Trail. A 3-mile hike that incorporates a little history as well, as it goes through old mine shafts and old coal remnants as well. It is sure to be a scenic hike while incorporating different twists as well.

Budget Seattle Vacation Concerts

4.      Concert Series

One notable feature of the summer months in the Seattle Southside area besides the beautiful weather is the great music. The Des Moines Concert Series is a great activity for the whole family.

Playing every Wednesday, this is a great free entertainment activity for the whole family, or a perfect date night.


5.      Other Activities

Here in Seattle Southside there are many great waterfront options that keep people busy. One great option is Redondo Beach. This includes a long boardwalk for people to jog, walk, or rollerblade down.

With the heat of the summer months another good option is Angle Lake. This is a family friendly lake that has many different picnic and swimming options making this one of the better cool off spots for the whole family.

Highline SeaTac Botanical Garden is a gorgeous place to visit for a tranquil afternoon stroll amidst beautiful flowers and a calming stream.

Budget Seattle Vacation Seattle Art Museum

6.      Museums

Now this one is a special exception because this is only valid for the first Thursday of the month. Many of the museums in the Seattle area offer free admission on the first Thursday of the month.

Some of the museums include: Seattle Art Museum, The Museum of Flight, Museum of Glass, Seattle Children’s Museum, and Museum of History and Industry. Don’t miss out on free information and history of the various museums.

Seattle Southside is an excellent choice to keep your budget happy, and still have many options to pursue. Explore our website to find out more about each of these attractions and start planning your stress free trip today!