The opportunities that Seattle Southside has to offer are endless. I was lucky enough to do a three month internship with Seattle Southside and get a firsthand experience of this growing and impressive organization. I had no idea the different things I would learn about a city I have lived my whole life, the different tasks I would be able to complete, and the great people I would get to work with each day. When I first received the internship offer, I had no idea what this actually meant. I didn’t realize what my job specifically was going to be, however I did know that it was something I was very excited about going in to.

Seattle Southside took no time “easing me into the job,” from the very start I was involved and able to get started immediately. My first day on the job I was told that I would be going on a whale watching excursion that same week! After hearing that I had no idea what I was in for. I was told I needed to arrive bright and early in downtown Seattle with a camera in hand ready to document the tour. This was an awesome experience I was able to tag along with people from different organizations that I was able to learn more about. I got to know a little bit more about our beautiful city and see some whales as well. In my first few weeks I was also able to help by taking photos and checking people in at the Seattle Southside Annual Tourism Networking meeting. This was a good opportunity for me to hear about the importance of travel and tourism and get a better idea of what my job was going to be for the remainder of the summer.

My entire internship was extremely beneficial; however there were a couple main points of interest. One main part of my job that I really enjoyed was the customer interaction part. Each day I was able to work with people from all over the world and attempt to make their time in Seattle a little easier and provide a service that they wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else. I have lived in Seattle my whole life, and felt very unsure when I first started about what to recommend, and what to suggest to travelers. However with the help of the visitor staff I was able to quickly learn all about what Seattle Southside has to offer, and was able to give recommendations with confidence and with the correct knowledge. The staff were all extremely patient, and very attentive in helping me learn all I could, and be able to help visitors efficiently.

Another opportunity I was given was by the Business Development Manager, Meagan, and the Marketing & Communications Manager, Ashley, was to help create the new “Bid Book,” for Seattle Southside. This was a magazine designed for meeting planners to have a convenient way to look at the best venues in the area for their specific events and give them a good look at what Seattle Southside has to offer that would best suit their event’s needs. I was in charge of collecting all the photos from the hotels, restaurants, and meeting facilities. This was a great chance for me to get a firsthand look at what the design process is for a project like that, and to be in involved with putting something together that was beneficial for the business. Before I knew it, I had collected all the photos and information from all the hotels and venues, and was able to send it to the designer at the end.

This internship also allowed me to utilize some of my writing ability by allowing me to blog about my different experiences and excursions that I was able to go on. As a communication major studying at Washington State University, this was a great tool to help with my writing, and allowed me to be creative and experiment with a different writing style. I was also able to contribute to the social media aspect of the business as well. By writing different Facebook and Twitter posts each week about the different events going on around the city really made me do my research and I found out just how much really does go on in the Seattle Southside area.

My three month internship at Seattle Southside flew by, and I know that is because of how enjoyable each and every day was. It was a job that I can honestly say I woke up each day looking forward to going to. The staff was so patient and so helpful. They really incorporated me into many different aspects of the business and I was able to expand not only my business world knowledge, but also my knowledge about my home city. I would highly recommend this internship to anyone. I learned more in the last three months than I thought was possible, but beyond that I feel confident with my new skills acquired I am even more ready for life after graduation, and I have Seattle Southside Visitor Center to thank for that. 

I was not asked to write this. This is writing from my own personal choice and my own experiences.