With the weather being so nice lately, it is likely that you might not want to do anything but take a relaxing walk and enjoy Mother Nature. If you are more likely to shine up your 2-wheeler and bike around, here are some trails that are good for either activity that you can consider.

Des Moines Creek Park

Autumnal Run on the Des Moines Creek TrailTrails Blog Des Moines Creek

This trail is an easy one that is about 3-miles in length. You will be strolling along a creek that connects the south side of Seattle and waterfront community of Des Moines. The trail is paved and begins just south of the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and winds down to the city’s marina as it descends down towards the water. At the end of the trail, it networks on for another 4-mile of additional biking and hiking trails for those who want more adventure.

Interurban Trail

Trail Blog Interurban Trail CyclingTrail Blog Interurban Trail

This trail is an extensive 14 miles running through the cities of Tukwila, Kent, Auburn, Algona, and Pacific. A variety of sights are seen on the route such as historic industrial areas, suburban lands, and the historic Interurban Rail Line. From Tukwila you can either head north on the trail all the way to Downtown Seattle, or head south toward the Green River. Although walking the whole trail could be a bit overwhelming, the extensive amount it offers could make it possible for you to take a couple mile walk between any of the cities it crosses through, so each time you go you can always change your scenery!

Green River Trail

Trail Blog Green River Trail LakeTrail Blog Green River Trail

The Green River Trail is 19 miles long and starts at the Cecil Moses Park in Tukwila, winding all the way down to the North Green River Park in south Kent. The trail winds through the Duwamish Waterway in Tukwila and guides commuters down to the Green River Valley. There are excellent views of the Green River itself, but also large landscapes of industrial areas and smaller parks. The trail intersects the northern end of the Interurban Trail at Foster Park. With the scenic landscapes, parks, and river views, this trail is perfect for a stroll on a beautiful day.