The Pacific Science Center, located in the heart of the city at Seattle Center,  is a wonderful place for families, couples, class trips, friends and anyone interested in learning about the wonders of science. Located on six acres, it will be tough to see everything in one visit so make sure to come back soon because there are always new exhibits to see and enjoy!

Igniting Curiosity and Fueling a Passion for Discovery in Kids

These are a few of the exhibits I explored on my recent trip to the science center:

Tropical Butterfly House

Walk through the double doors and into a lush, green, warm, humid, and bright room filled with flying bursts of color. This tropical paradise is home to more than 800 butterflies and more than 100 species of butterfly. Watch these beautiful insects feed and sun themselves, and  fly around and display their unique colors and patterns. You can spend as much time in here as you like but don't forget about the rest of the center!

Things to remember: Don't touch any butterflies, you can leave your coats and jackets at the front of the exhibit. Don't bring any food or beverages inside the butterfly house. Strollers are not permitted.

Naked Mole Rats

Prepare to see the ugliest or cutest (depending on your opinion) tiny creatures. These little guys live in underground tunnels and this exhibit offers a way to see how they live without having to go underground. You can view them through a series of clear tubes and chambers. Their huge teeth make them look scarier than they really are. These teeth are used for digging, not biting people. Watch as they sleep on each other, explore the tunnels and play with "enrichments" a toy or treat with which they can interact and bring out their natural behavior. 

Wellbody Academy of Health and Fitness

This fun and interactive exhibit encourages visitors to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Hang out in the Fitness Play Zone, dodge flying particles at the Sneeze Wall, glimpse your future self with the interactive aging software and climb musical stairs to a second floor of discovery. Learn how personal choices effect every aspect of your life.

Dinosaurs: A Journey Through Time

Travel back in time to the Mesozoic Era, where you can meet moving and roaring, robotic dinosaurs in a lifelike environment. Stand in the footprint of a giant duckbill dinosaur, take the controls of the Pneumoferrosaurus -- "Air and Iron Lizard" -- to see how animatronic dinosaurs work, and explore the Mesozoic world with interactive exhibits, real fossils, dioramas and more.

There are many other engaging and interactive permanent exhibits open year-round. Learn how the body functions, touch a tide pool creature, find out how a motor works, spin a two-ton granite ball with your bare hands, ride a bicycle 15 feet above the ground and so much more!

Be sure to visit the IMAX theater, laser dome and planetarium all of which offer unique perspectives of the world around us.

There is an onsite cafe where food can be purchased. Guests can also bring their own food to be enjoyed in a designated "brown bag" area. Do not eat food in the exhibits.

Purchase your CityPass here.

Parking: There are several pay parking garages and pay street parking options nearby. the James Albert Claypool Memorial Garage on the corner of 2nd Avenue North and Denny Way provides a covered walkway directly into Pacific Science Center's south entrance. Ride the Link light rail to Westlake Center and hop on the Monorail to Seattle Center to avoid parking issues.