Winter in Washington is just as beautiful as summer in Washington. Some people actually prefer the cold, windy season here over the other seasons, and a big reason is because of the mountains and snow! No need to let the winter time put a hold on your travels. Bundle up and get to exploring; it is guaranteed you will have a fun-filled day trip to one of the following locations.


Four Best Places for Fun-in-the-Snow Near Seattle


Summit at Snoqualmie

3 kids skiing at The Summit at SnoqualmieThe Summit at Snoqualmie is Seattle’s home ski resort. With a variety of steep hills, to the flat cruising ones, there’s something for everybody and the options are endless, allowing for tons of fun! Visitors have the chance to experience not only skiing (or snowboarding and tubing) in the daytime, but with a closing time of 10 P.M, also through the night.

If you’re not interested in the physical activities, you can visit  for the scenery, with the alpine meadows, frozen lakes and old growth forests. The Summit at Snoqualmie is less than an hour drive east from Seattle Southside. Snow sticks around until April, so make sure you get your snow shoes on, and dress in at least 5 layers and have the time of your life.

Affordable lift tickets are offered to all riders, ranging from $12 to $64 depending on length of travel and age of rider.


Crystal Mountain Resort

Crystal Mountain GondolaCrystal Mountain Resort is located next to the Mt. Rainier National Park (don’t forget to visit that as well!) which is approximately a 90-minute drive from Seattle Southside. The resort, which is spread out across 2,600 acres, is the largest in Washington State.

You don’t have to be experienced to visit and ski at Crystal Mountain; they have options for beginners as well, so you can practice until you can make it up there with the pros!  

Lift tickets are offered to all riders, ranging from $38 to $76 depending on length of travel and age of rider.


White Pass Washington

Looking for a winter’s paradise? White Pass Washington is exactly what you’re looking for. With epic vistas, and a very friendly atmosphere, you can experience nearly 1,500 acres of Alpine terrain, and slope-side lodging.

Known as Washington’s “hidden gem,” you can expect to avoid bigger crowds and traffic  here for a more peaceful retreat. If you don’t want to drive home, there are accommodation options on site so you can play all day, and go straight to sleep without worrying about a drive home, which is about 2 hours from Seattle Southside.

Lift tickets are offered to all riders, starting at $32.99.


Stevens Pass

Enjoy the beautiful nature views and sounds at Stevens Pass, located about 90 minutes from Seattle Southside. This outstanding ski resort is an easy day trip, near Leavenworth (must visit!).

The ski area boundaries fall into two national forests which are the Mount Baker Snoqualmie National Forest, and the Wenatchee National Forest. With as much frequent snowfall they receive, it is guaranteed you will have a naturally unforgettable experience.

Regular season daily lift tickets start at $40 and range up to $69 depending on the times you visit and age of traveler.