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Zombie by Bill Connington

May 30 at 8 pm - Zombie by Bill Connington Donate here for Zoom link
May 31 at 2 pm - Zombie by Bill Connington - Donate here for Zoom link

Have you read Joyce Carrol Oats? Zombie is an adaptation of her novella of the same name, and it is that dark.

It is a terrifying drama written by Bill Connington and adapted from the novel by Joyce Carol Oates, a psychopath pedophile kidnaps boys and tries unsuccessfully to turn them into zombies with an ice pick. It is the thing of nightmares but does what theater does the best; it takes you to place you would otherwise never go. An intense one-act, Zombie, won the 2008 FringeNYC Overall Excellence Award for Outstanding Solo Show.

"Not for the faint of heart . . . rewards intrepid theatergoers, delivering a haunting glimpse into the mind of a serial killer . . . ."

--Andy Propst, The Village Voice

Zombie is suitable only for ages 16 and older due to violence and sexuality.

June 13 at 8 pm - Hindle Wakes by Stanley Houghton Donate here for Zoom link
June 14 at 2 pm - Hindle Wakes by Stanley Houghton - Donate here for Zoom link

Hindle Wakes, by Stanley Houghton, was written in 1912. It is an interesting look at social mores 108 years ago. The center of the play is an unmarried young couple, a mill worker and the son of the mill owner, who take off for a weekend of fun. Despite their best efforts, their parents find out. What follows is much of what you expect. Reputations are soiled; marriage is on the horizon. It is look back at where male-female relationships were a hundred years ago. I am sure Hindle Wakes caused quite a scandal in 1912. Nevertheless, the play was reprinted eight times.

But what makes this show shine is Fanny, the young woman. She was a woman ahead of her time.

It leaves the question, in 100 years, the relationships between men and women have changed, but have they really?

They Promised Her the Moon

June 27 at 8 pm - They Promised Her the Moon by Laurel Ollstein - Donate here for Zoom link
June 28 at 2 pm - They Promised Her the Moon by Laurel Ollstein Donate here for Zoom link

They Promised Her the Moon by Laurel Ollstein, is based on a little-known true story of Jerrie Cobb (1931-2019). This riveting play follows a tongue-tied child as she becomes a world record-holding female aviator who dreamt of flying among the stars. At the height of the Space Race, Cobb and her female peers in the Mercury 13 program trained to become astronauts, ready to join their male counterparts in space and change history, but they never got the chance.

This story will raise your spirits to new heights.

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