In 2012, the Museum of Flight received the Full Fuselage Space Shuttle Trainer from NASA. This is where the astronauts trained for months to prepare for life on the actual Space Shuttle. Visitors can now get up close and personal this exclusive 30 minute tour that allows guests to go where very few have ever gone before. After receiving a safety briefing and history overview, visitors step aboard. Read below as a husband and wide experience the tour firsthand:

We climbed up a ladder and got up close and personal to the cockpit containing well over 2000 buttons and switches. The astronauts were tested on e v e r y single one! We learned a host of factoids, got to see where 30 years of astronauts trained for their missions, got a free souvenir and had a great time. It's an interesting tour and we both enjoyed it.

Museum of Flight and Boeing Red Barn




Pedestrian Walkway from Museum of Flight to the Space Gallery



Next generation of rocket from a company called Blue Origin



Hubby Man & I in front of the crew compartment entrance






Space toilet looks complicated



View from inside the crew compartment



It's a 1:1 scale of the real shuttle. So big!


Inside the compartment we were surrounded by panels and panels of switches
Artifacts fill the Space Gallery from rocket bits to landing pods



Upon exiting the museum the view from Boeing Field had neat lighting



 What to know before you go: 


  1. It's a tight space and it's not wheelchair accessible
  2. Advance reservations are required
  3. This tour requires a separate ticket in addition to your museum admission ticket
  4. Can't wear open toed shoes
  5. You can take photo and video
  6. Can't take bags with you (purses are fine but no tote bags)
  7. Check in at the main entrance to the Museum of Flight not the Space Gallery entrance


Shuttle Trainer Crew Compartment Tours

Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays

10:15 a.m. - 4:15 p.m.
(see ticket site for available times)

Member: Adult $25 - Child (age 10+) $20

General: Adult $30 - Child (age 10+) $25

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