Have you ever had the craving for homemade raspberry jam? Well one sunny afternoon I felt that itch and decided I needed to get out of the house and go pick some fresh berries to make my Grandma's famous freezer jam.

Lindsey and I hit the road and headed north to Harvold Berry Farm. 

We stopped at the main area to get a map of the berry fields and decided we also need blueberries once we realized how close the fields were to each other.

The main house has everything you ever want for canning, making jams and preserves as well an entire area devoted to kids activities.

Before heading out to the field we stopped to pose for several photo opps.

Once we got tot he field we picked up our carriers and walked out to the far end of the field where the berries hadn't been too pick over yet. We got to work and filled our baskets pretty quickly stopping for the occasional taster.

After we had filled our buckets to the brim we hauled them to the check out stand. With our fingers stained and our bellies full of warm berries we hopped back in the car to head home and get started on that jam. Grandma would be so proud!