For Fernando’s 22nd birthday, I decided to take him on an Argosy dinner cruise. We’ve never been on one and boy, were we pleasantly surprised with our experience!

We first checked in at pier 56, but were a little too early to board the ship so we walked to the nearby fisherman’s cove to play some arcade games; I won a total of 15 tickets which I exchanged for an air head candy. The perfect way to start the festivities in my opinion!

We returned to the ship and as we were boarding we had our picture taken with the official Argosy lifesaver ring. As we boarded, staff members welcomed and guided us to our window side table. Upon sitting down, Billy, our server for the evening, greeted us, walked us through the program for the evening, and directed us to the doors from which to access the outside decks. We got our drinks and decided to take a self-guided tour of the ship.

After taking way too many pictures of the gorgeous view and ourselves (I’m the self appointed selfie queen), we went back inside to find fresh bread and butter at our table. They had normal salted butter, as well as a salmon butter, which Fernando loved!

We set sail at around 7:10pm, and our salads were brought to us at 7:30; crisp greens with fresh julienne granny smith apples, dried cranberries, walnuts and tangy vinaigrette. In a word: delicious.

After our salad course, the dinner buffet was opened! The spread was phenomenal! There were many choices, but it wasn’t overwhelming. It all was very well presented and the servers refilled the stations often, so the food wasn’t sitting for too long, which I appreciated.

I took the “try anything once” approach to the buffet, so by the time I returned to our table my plate was full! Everything was divine, but my personal favorite was the grilled peaches with prosciutto and mozzarella. I’ve never had peaches as a savory dish; they’ve always been in sweet desserts. It was a refreshing take on one of my favorite fruits!

Not to my surprise, Fernando’s favorite dish was the steak with black beans. He’s a true carnivore at heart (stomach?) and the meat was absolutely perfect. He went back for not only seconds, but thirds as well. During dinner, Billy came by and asked us for our dessert order, the choices included a chocolate German cake, which Fernando ordered, a vanilla cheesecake, which I ordered, or a Marionberry tart.

Between our dinner and dessert courses, we took another gander outside and visited the bow of the ship on both the second and third levels. Since the sun had already set, and we were out on the water, the wind was very cold and my light cardigan wasn’t protecting me much from the sea air, so we quickly returned back inside.

Our dessert was brought shortly after we returned along with a fresh cup of coffee for both of us. Fernando and I both agreed the vanilla cheesecake was the better choice. It was perfectly creamy and the vanilla was not too sweet! It was positively perfect. The German chocolate cake was good as well, however we both preferred the cheesecake!

Throughout the evening a live band was playing and during our dessert course, the singer, Mary Marchese, came around to every table and asked everyone what they were celebrating. When she returned to the stage, she announced all the special occasions! It made all the guests feel very special! There was a couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary!

After finishing dessert I dragged my unwilling date onto the dance floor where he surprised me with his two left feet! We danced to a couple songs, my favorite being an Elvis tribute, "Can’t Help Falling in Love with You," then returned to our table. Before we knew it, we were shore side again and disembarking!

After leaving the ship, we went into the Argosy office to find and purchase our pictures then headed out. It was a fantastic evening; the service, the food, the music, it all made for a wonderful birthday surprise for Fernando.

My recommendations: Bring an empty stomach and a light jacket! You won’t be disappointed.

Notes: There are several dinner options available including themed cruises and murder mysteries.  Visit the Argosy Cruise website to learn more