Anchor, the Crab welcomes everyone to the Annual Ballard SeafoodFest, which usually happens the second weekend of July each year. In 2021, SeafoodFest is scheduled for September 10th and 11th.

This Seafair sanctioned event is a free festival great for kids and families as well as those looking to enjoy great music and a lively beer garden. With three main stages, including a family stage, there is sure to be something for everyone to enjoy.

The last time I attended the festival was on a Sunday afternoon. After listening to a few tunes at the main stage I decided to check out the arts and craft vendors and found some pretty interesting Northwest art. There is just something about a post apocalyptic Seattle Space Needle surrounded by ocean that really makes you stop and think.

Summertime Fun at Ballard Seafood Fest

By the time I sampled some fudge and participated in a bubble war at Majic Bubble Wand booth and went for a slide down the big purple slide, I decided to go check out what the festival is famous for - the seafood!

Festival goers have the option of purchasing a plate of alder-smoked salmon (smoked onsite in the ground!) or from a myriad of other vendors. I decided to try multiple dishes.

I enjoyed an order of 'Scallorito', a delicious dish of pan seared scallops on pilaf from Alaska Weathervane Seafood, along with and some Honey Walnut Prawns and a cupcake topped with Swedish fish for dessert. Yum!

Since I went on a Sunday, the Ballard Farmers Market was also happening. I checked out all of the local produce and purchased a flat of berries to take home.

Ballard Farmers Market

On the walk out I passed by an entertainer preparing to juggle chainsaws. Yikes! I left before I saw the outcome but from the oohs and ahhs I overheard, I assume everything went according to plan.

Be sure to visit the SeafoodFest and enjoy all the sights, smells, sounds and tastes of this fun summer event!