Seattle Southside has many beautiful places to explore, but sometimes you just want to kick back and soak in a good view. Especially now that the sun's out (and we all know that nothing beats summer in the Pacific Northwest), it's the best time to just get outside and enjoy all the beauty this part of the world has to offer. If you're in the state of mind where you just want to unwind and take it all in, we've put together a list of the six best scenic vistas in Seattle Southside.

  1. Des Moines Beach Park
  2. Angle Lake
  3. Robert Morris Earthwork
  4. Redondo Pier
  5. Grandview Dog Park
  6. Seahurst Park

Des Moines Beach Park

Des Moines Beach Park

Some of the most beautiful views of the Puget Sound can be caught from Des Moines Beach Park. You can gaze across the waters at Maury Island and the Olympic Mountains, watch the boats go by from the Marina, plus it's arguably the best place in town to catch a sunset. Of course, if you'd prefer to be sipping wine while you watch the sun set, head on over to the nearby Quarterdeck for libations.


Angle Lake

A sunny summer day at Angle Lake Park with Mt. Rainier in the background, many people enjoy the beach in the froeground.

Splash, play, and catch views of the lakeside and Mt. Rainier from beautiful Angle Lake Park! This park also boasts a splash park for the kids to enjoy in addition to the waters of the lake itself. Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the view!


Robert Morris Earthwork

Couple walking dog at Robert Morris Earthwork during the fall

Gaze over the Duwamish River Valley and the city of Tukwila as you take in a historic piece of art at the Robert Morris Earthwork. You can learn more about the incredible history of this site on our Scenes Trail!


Redondo Pier, Beach & Boardwalk

Rocky beach with autumn trees

If you want quaint seaside views of the Puget Sound, this is the spot for you. Stroll (or pedal!) down the boardwalk and enjoy the views of Maury and Vashon Islands. Or get out on the water with a kayak or paddleboard rental from Olympic Outdoor Center to get even better views! On Saturdays, the MaST Center Aquarium is open for visits for free to the public, which is a fun add-on to any trip, especially for any marine science-minded members of your family.


Grandview Off-Leash Dog Park

two women walking dogs at Grandview Off-Leash Dog Park with snowy Mount Rainier in background

Who would have thought a dog park would offer some of the most scenic views around? And that's no shaggy dog story! As the name suggests, Grandview offers a truly grand view of Mt. Rainier and the Kent Valley. Not only is it a great place to take your furry friend, it's also a historical site!


Seahurst Park

Seahurst Park

Seahurst is just a 15-minute drive from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, but it feels like it's a whole world away. This beautiful, quiet spot is a great place to get views of the Puget Sound and the Olympic mountains. Trails, play structures, and a beach make this park a great destination for families.


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