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Karen J. LaFlamme, (253) 841-5024; or cell (253) 691-2005

The Western Washington Fair Association has awarded twelve scholarships to area students to assist them financially in helping them reach their career goals. They include the Western Washington Fair Scholarship to four students for overall scholastic/character endeavors, four Puyallup Fair Scholarships for the Arts, one Pacific

Lutheran University scholarship, two Stoner Endowment scholarships, and one Campbell/Montgomery Scholarship.

This is the thirteenth year that the Western Washington Fair Association Scholarships have been awarded. They are presented to graduating seniors who had a 3.0+ grade point, who demonstrated character, discipline, citizenship and responsibility. They will receive $1,250 per year, up to four years. The four recipients, their high school and grade point, and the college they will attend include:

· Ryan Decker, Puyallup High School, 3.85 GPA – University of Washington

· Alison Lane, Rogers High School, 4.0 GPA – University of Puget Sound

· Leah Jarvis, Emerald Ridge High School, 4.0 GPA – University of Cal.-Santa Barbara

· Angela Voiles, Sumner High School, 3.93 – Linfield College

The Puyallup Fair Scholarship for the Arts is awarded to four graduating seniors who have been involved in the study of arts, including music, theater and art. They must demonstrate

a serious pursuit towards a career in the arts. They will receive a scholarship of $1,000 for their first year of studies. Each year this art scholarship is funded by the proceeds of the Fred Oldfield painting created for the Quick Draw Auction held during the previous year’s Puyallup Fair. The 2003 recipients include the following high school graduates and their selected college:

· Rebecca Hunter, Puyallup High School – Western Washington University

· Sarah Butler, Rogers High School – University of Southern California School of Theatre

· Mallory Pilcher, Emerald Ridge High School – Western Washington University

· Danielle Franich, Sumner High School – University of Washington

The Pacific Lutheran University Scholarship is a one-year, $2,500 scholarship to a current student, based on scholastic endeavors coupled with involvement in the community. The recipient is:

· Katie Thonstad, PLU junior, studying biology, chemistry, and animal science

This is the seventh year for the Bill Stoner Endowment Scholarship. This $750 endowment scholarship is intended to assist the recipient in reaching their career goal. The recipient must use the monies to obtain training from an organized institution, trade or vocational school in the school year that it is awarded. The scholarship is named in recognition of Western Washington Fair Association board member, William Stoner. This is the fifth year that the scholarship was awarded to two recipients, including:

· Jim Maveety, Rogers High School – Pierce College

· Netra Williams, Lakes High School (13 years ago) – Tacoma Community College

This is the third year for the Campbell/Montgomery Scholarship, named for Robert Campbell and Marna Montgomery Campbell. Mr. Campbell was a member of the board of the Western Washington Fair Association for over 60 years. It was created to spur better writing, better

communication and better thinking through scholarships to graduating seniors of genuine merit from Puyallup area high schools. The $1,000 scholarship recipient is:

· Julia Sweem, Puyallup High School – Western Washington University

The Western Washington Fair Association is a private, non-profit corporation. The Association also awards a $1,250 per year scholarship for two years to a Pierce College vet tech student. A $3,000 contribution is also made to the Daffodil Foundation Scholarship Fund.

The annual WWFA Scholarship Foundation fundraiser dinner/auction is Friday, August 15, 2003 at the Puyallup Fairgrounds. Call (253) 845-6755 for reservations or (253) 841-5027 to donate an item.