For Immediate Release

June 15, 1999

Contact: Katherine Kertzman


The Southwest King County Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce the hiring of Katherine Kertzman as Tourism & Marketing Manager - Tukwila. Bj Bj Bjorneby, President of the Chamber, explains that the organization feels exceptionally fortunate in welcoming the new manager: “Ms. Kertzman brings a depth of experience and expertise to the role that we feel will enhance the effectiveness of businesses in Tukwila and the region as a whole - where entertainment, retail, and hospitality services are predominant.”

Kertzman’s early career as a high school teacher honed her skills in public speaking, presentation of ideas with clarity and organization, attention to detail, and managing group dynamics. These abilities successfully translated into marketing savvy during graduate studies in business administration at the University of Houston.

Together with a warm personal charm, Kertzman subsequently built a career in marketing and community relations, eventually earning awards reflecting her creativity and managerial skills. During her work in the healthcare sector, Kertzman was recognized by the American Hospital Association for excellence in marketing and public relations, by the National Association of Women’s Health Professionals for Best Patient Advocacy Effort, and by her employer as Best Team Player. Her visionary work while a department head for Highline Community Hospital created momentum for development of comprehensive women’s health care programs from DesMoines to West Seattle.

Kertzman is also well versed in the needs of the small business owner, having run her own successful marketing consultant business for the past five years, serving a diverse clientele from corporations to tourism venues. In this capacity she managed marketing campaigns and coordinated public relations events, including the collection of data, development of customer service evaluations, and designing effective, attractive, yet economically produced promotional materials.

“The diversity and range of Ms. Kertzman’s 16 years of marketing and public relations experiences make her uniquely qualified and ideally suited to support the business community during this phase of rapid expansion in our region,” enthuses Bj. “We feel delighted to have recruited an individual with her vision, skills, and personal warmth to move us forward at a time of intense economic growth.”

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