As summer nears, Farmer’s Markets are immensely admired in local communities. This year, tourists and locals alike can find three very different and unique farmer’s markets within 15 minutes of each other in Seattle’s Southside. Starting May 17th, June 3rd and June 17th respectively, the Tukwila International Farmer’s Market, the Kent Farmer’s Market and the new Des Moines Waterfront Farmer’s Market kick off the season with farm fresh produce, local arts and crafts, entertainment and an infusion of special events throughout the season.

The Tukwila International Farmer’s Market, at Tukwila International Boulevard and 144th Street, is scheduled to run on Wednesdays from 3-7pm between May 17th and September 27th. Featuring homemade crafts and grown goods, this market is truly community oriented, offering booth space free of charge to vendors who are Tukwila residents with items crafted or grown within the Tukwila community. From stoneware to jewelry and Bosnian pastry to fruits and vegetables, attendees can enjoy this market while listening to the Music in the Market, a transition from Music in the Park featuring local entertainers.

The Kent Farmer’s Market at a new location of 4th and James in the Kent Station parking area, is the longest running of the three farmer’s markets and features forty to fifty vendors. From 9am-2pm on Saturdays from June 3rd to October 14th, attendees can take advantage of this combination market featuring craft and civic booths in addition to the WIC (U.S. Department of Agriculture) approved farmer’s booths.

The new Des Moines Farmer’s Market not only features freshly harvested local fruits and vegetables and unique local crafts, but it can all be found with waterfront views. This new farmer’s market is located at the Des Moines Marina and is the first market in the state to be dedicated to good stewardship of health and the environment, according to their website. The market will be kicked off with live entertainment on Saturday, June 17th and runs each Saturday through October 28th from 10am-2pm.