Port of Seattle

Ban on Cigarette Lighters Now Being Enforced

Lighters are no longer allowed on planes and will be confiscated. This ban was announced by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in late February, but full enforcement didn’t begin until today, April 14. At this time, matches are still allowed in carry-on luggage. Lighters and most matches are not allowed to be packed in checked luggage. A complete list of items prohibited in carry-ons is posted on the TSA’s Web site.

Travelers Who Find Themselves with Lighters at Sea-Tac Have an Option

Travelers may store lighters at Ken’s Baggage and Frozen Foods Storage, located in Baggage Claim between Carousels 12 and 13. There is a fee for storage; the items can be picked up when the travelers return home. Lighters are flammable and cannot be mailed home via the “Send it Home” kiosks, located near every checkpoint.