(Seattle)—Seattle-Tacoma International Airport will soon see an increase in service to Europe and Asia. Three major carriers currently serving Sea-Tac have each announced expansions of service.

British Airways (BA) currently operates one flight each day to London. BA officials have announced the company will add three additional flights each week through the 2006 summer season.

Korean Airlines (KAL) has announced it will expand from three to four weekly flights to Seoul during the winter, and five flights weekly during the summer season.

Finally, Asiana Airlines will add one additional flight per week, during the summer season, to Seoul.

“These increases in service are as significant as the introduction of an entirely new carrier at Sea-Tac,” said Mark Reis, managing director of aviation for the Port of Seattle. “We very much appreciate that British, KAL and Asiana have decided to invest more resources in serving the Seattle market.”

The Port is seeking additional airline service to certain regions of the world. “This is a strong vote of confidence from carriers who are familiar with our airport and with the Seattle market,” Reis said.

The British flights will be added on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays beginning June 3. As with its current service, the summer route will be served with a Boeing 747.

KAL currently operates on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The additional year-round flight will be added on Sundays, beginning sometime in July. The summer-only flight will be on Mondays, starting March 27.

Asiana’s additional flights will serve Sea-Tac on Fridays from July 21 through Oct. 13.