With the recession behind us and many more meetings in the future, it is as important as ever to have face to face gatherings where people can assemble, share ideas, brainstorm and generate business. However, the bottom line is still there and must be managed appropriately.

Easily Accessible Location
Choosing a destination is one of the most important facets of planning your meeting. A metropolitan area is easy to access by plane, car, bus or train.  Having an international airport in your meeting’s backyard only makes it easier for attendees to arrive, no matter their starting point.

Being located near the airport usually means being outside of the heart of the metropolis’ downtown which also means less traffic and fewer parking concerns. It helps when there is a direct link to downtown to make visiting easy, affordable and scenic.

Unique Attractions
Interesting and fun attractions nearby will increase meeting attendance as well as the enthusiasm of guests. With lots of activities in close proximity and plenty of transportation options available, attendees will be excited to register for the event and possibly extend their trip.

A destination with beaches, museums, shopping, dining, extreme adventure and family fun makes for great excursions or offsite events to reward participation.

Cost Savings
Arguably the heaviest factor in meeting planning is how to stretch the budget as effective and efficiently as possible.  Budgets can be maximized by selecting properties and vendors outside of the downtown corridor. Hotels, event space, caterers and other vendors are often 20-30% less than their downtown competitors.

Superior Customer Service
With all that goes into meeting planning, it is nice to know there is someone to help so you don’t have to go at it alone.  Destination Marketing Organizations like Seattle Southside Visitor Services provide help to meeting and event planners. It is more than just submitting an RFP; superior customer services means arranging for welcome letters, creating custom promotional videos, providing custom ‘free time’ packets, and offering creative advice. 

Attendees will feel special before, during and after the event and planners save time and money.

If you would like to learn more about how planning a meeting in Seattle Southside can boost your attendance and save on costs, visit our Cvent Profile or contact Meagan McGuire, Business Development Manager,Meagan@SeattleSouthside.com.


Source: www.cvent.com/en/blog