Interview with Ashley Comar about Seattle Southside and helping visitors with their vacation in the Pacific Northwest.

Explore Washington at a cheaper price with Seattle Southside

By Ashley Kim
Staff Reporter

Seattle Southside can help tourists plan a vacation, or help local people visit eateries and attractions.

Seattle Southside is a destination marketing organization in South King County. The organization is a joint venture with the cities of SeaTac, Kent, Tukwila, and Des Moines.

The organization is about 10 years old and Katherine Kertzman is the founder. "She was working for the city of Tukwila for the chamber of commerce and decided to make a joint program to market all the cities," said Ashley Comar, who is the marketing communications manager.

"SeaTac and Tukwila made an interlocal agreement, Kent joined a few years later and Des Moines joined shortly after," said Comar.

Tukwila, Kent, and SeaTac contribute through lodging tax funds.

"A joint program to market all the cities would help bring more tourists in," said Comar. Tourists can explore and get to know better what is out there in Washington, she said.

"Seattle Southside is the home base to explore the rest of the Pacific Northwest," said Comar. Visitors stay here and they use this area as a home base and then they explore the rest of the region, she said.

The organization helps people find what they are looking for, she said.

"We connect people to local vendors, attractions, shopping merchants, hotels, and restaurants," said Comar. If you are looking for a specific place to eat, to sleep, and to find entertainment, Seattle Southside will provide all the help and information.

"We have a visitor center where people can come and ask questions and get recommendations. We coordinate brochures in the front desk," said Comar. The visitor center is located in SeaTac, three blocks from International Boulevard or one block east of the airport at, 3100 S. 176th St. SeaTac.

Plenty of tour and vacation packages are available, she said.

"On our website, there is something called packages and promotions, and it lists all the packages the hotel offers. Some offers that are going on are the backyard wildlife festival in Tukwila, honeymoon package, and the Museum of Flight," said Comar. More than 50 packages and promotions are available.

People can choose to stay around Tukwila, Kent, SeaTac, and Des Moines to save more money, she said.

"The hotels are more affordable here than at downtown Seattle. A lot of our hotels offer complimentary breakfast, free parking, and shuttle rides to the airport. So it is a lot more affordable to stay around here," said Comar.

People can rent a car or book a flight on the Seattle Southside website.

"We work with Travelocity to do flight and car reservations," said Ashley Comar.

Seattle Southside will save you time and money to plan your experience with Washington. For more information about Seattle Southside, visit their website at