Anti-Racism Resources

The RTA has spent the last several weeks listening to our employees, colleagues and those around the industry. Our eyes have been opened to the depth of systemic racism in this country and we want to be a part of the solution.
We have been talking internally and working toward real, actionable steps that we can take as a company (and as individuals) to help further the cause of equality for the black community. We are working in the following ways:

  • Share diverse voices and travel experiences
  • Promote diversity and inclusion in marketing collateral
  • Provide tools and resources to black-owned and minority tourism-related businesses to help them grow
  • Sponsor black-owned and minority events
  • Volunteer for organizations that help give back to the community

These actions are by no means a comprehensive list, but the first steps we are committed to take as we consider what more we can do to help further the cause of equality for the black community. 

Travel builds bridges. Travel brings together people with different backgrounds and beliefs and we want to help make a difference. Please read this this open letter to our colleagues and the world from Black Destination Industry Leaders. It is indeed a moment for change in this country and we stand with our colleagues to say enough is enough. It is time for more than talk—we want to be action-oriented. Join us as we strive to improve our industry, our company, our communities and ourselves.  



Support Anti-Racism