Winter adventure begins here…

Every adventure winter adventure needs a home base. Seattle Southside is the perfect place to begin your journey.

Read the stories below to see how others spent their winter in Seattle Southside. Share your story and photos describing your perfect winter adventure in the Pacific Northwest.

My adventure begins…
Pike Place is THE place for seafoodies, and that I am!
I'm a foodie so my adventure would begin at Pike place market.
My Winter adventure starts at the Seattle Waterfront Marriott.
My story begins with picking my hotel base, the lovely Seattle Waterfront Marriott.
I have a friend in Seattle and when I visit there is so much outside activities to do.
Our winter Adventure would start with walking the Seattle's waterfront.
My distinct memory of Seattle when I was last there at a younger age is the ride up to the top of the needle.
My winter adventure begins at the affordable Extended Stay America Tukwila.
My very first visit to Seattle was as a child. My dad took us to Woodland Park Zoo.
After eating a delicious crab omelette at a local bed and breakfast, I head to the flagship Nordstrom store.
My adventure begins on the water in the Bell Harbor Marina.
My adventure begins with the twanging guitars at the Seattle Experience Music Project.
My great grandfather owned one of the first cars in Seattle.
My trip would include watching the heavy fogs lift to a beautiful sunny day.
Ive never visited Seattle, but would love to check out Kerry and Discovery Park.
My story begins at the Alki Bakery for some scrumptious pasteries.
My husband and I did a motorcycle tour through Seattle.
I'm another person who just can't get enough of the Pike Place Market.
My adventure began at the Amtrak train station.
Our adventure begins early morning a top our favorite mountain peak at White Pass.
My story would start at the Marriott near the airport.
I use Seattle as my base for exploring the entire area.
I was in Seattle very briefly, to embark on Alaska cruise.
I have visited Seattle many times and it is always a colorful adventure.
I first came to Seattle on a train trip when I had just graduated college.
My journey started with a stroll along Alki Beach & ended up at the lighthouse.
My knees buckled on top of Space Needle.
My adventure starts taking the ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge Island.
Have only been to Seattle once about 40 years ago when I was around ten years old.
Almost 36 years ago we were visiting my brother and his family in Southside Seattle.
We were only in Seattle in the summertime and were expecting rain but had the most beautiful 3 days ever.
It is with abundant gratitude that I am sharing my memories of Lakewold garden.
I love Seattle! Espcially since my 17 month old granddaughter lives here.
My daughter and I discovered Seattle on our tour of prospective colleges for her.
I would start my adventure of sightseeing on a segway tour.
My adventure would be to take in a Seahawk game.
My winter adventure begins with a trip to the Pike Place Market for a stroll.
I live on the Olympic peninsula far away from the city of Seattle.
It was a dark and stormy night - so we drove to Seattle!
Seattle is such a dynamic city and my journey began and ended at the SEA-TAC airport.
Our 2 grandchildren live in Seattle and our trip begins at their home.
My winter adventure starts at the SeaTac Marriott which would be my base camp.
My Seattle Southside adventure begins visiting majestic Mount Rainier.
Ours is a love story.
My perfect winter adventure would begin if I were able to send my two favorite people in the world to Seattle.
I haven't visited Seattle yet, but we do have a cruise scheduled to leave out of Seattle this summer.
Our trip starts at Ikea!
My adventure starts when both of my grown daughters ended up in Seattle.
We are from Cleveland Ohio and first visited Seattle 12 years ago.
My story starts at the Radisson Hotel Gateway Seattle Tacoma Airport
I love taking the ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge Island
I always take in a concert when I head to Seattle.
5 years ago we flew from So. California to attend a family wedding in Seattle
My winter adventure would begin at the Southsie Harbor
Hiking Mt. Rainier was one of my favorite family memories with my in-laws!
We visited Seattle a few years back and used the Roadside America guide.
I love shopping at all the interesting stalls at Pike Place Market.
My seattle adventure begins with taking my son snowboarding.
My adventure begins at the airport exploring with friends
Go on a gondola ride and then have dinner at the Summit Restaurant at Crystal Mountain.
My adventure begins with sleeping in late and then doing some serious shopping!!
One thing I love to do in Seattle on a cold morning is get a hot chocolate.
My Seattle adventure begins with a coffee and a map at the Seattle Waterfall Garden.
I LOVE wineries and I love not having to drive when I visit.
I love shopping and Seattle is a great place for that!
My story begins with the birth of my granddaughter.
I have lived in the Seattle Southside area all of my life.
My first trip to Seattle was for the Worlds Fair in 1962.
I have not been to Seattle yet but I booked a cruise to Alaska leaving from Seattle.
My story begins with seeing my old friends and visiting the fascinating locks again.
I would spend the cold days in all the great shops in southside Seattle!!
My story begins in the winter of 1985.
My adventure begins with my husband showing me the places he's visited.
I had the chance to visit Seattle because I was presenting at a conference.
Seattle is a great city to explore.
A doorstep to my Adventure of a lifetime needs a glorious winter view.
My pre-adult years were spent in the greater Seattle/Everett area.
Our trips to Seattle begin at my sister's home.
I am craving a foodie adventure in Seattle Southside.
Our cruise ship stopped in Seattle.
We would love to see where our family started.
The adventure begins by packing for a winter snowshoeing getaway.
My adventure begins at Castle Bridge Winery making my own special vintage.
Our family adventure would start at the Hilton Doubletree hotel.
My story begins as a kid and continues as an adult.
My adventure begins with a checklist of activities.
My adventure starts at SouthCenter shopping center.
My adventure begins with a family get-together.
My Adventure begins at the Airport, then the Pike Market and the stadium.
My adventure begins with a stroll through the park by my friend's apartment.
Seattle rocks!
Just getting to Seattle was it's own adventure over the years.
My adventure would begin downtown with a day exploring Pikes Market
My adventure would begin with visiting my friend Audrey and her family.
My winter adventure begins at the wineries.
Our Seattle adventure starts on the plane as we begin our decent into SeaTac.
My adventure begins and ends with a Newly Wed couple.
I've been to seattle once to go on our wedding cruise to Alaska.
Taking the wonderful walking restaurant tour of Seattle.
Our adventure begins with family living in the area
The last time I was there I was at an NFL football game.
It's always a treat to go back.
I'd find a nice ice glacier and climb it
My adventure begins at the Brown and Haley factory store.
My Seattle adventure starts at my apartment building house.
Our Seattle adventure begins at the Seattle Center, in winter.
My adventure begins at McChord air Force Base , WA.
My adventure begins with warm greetings.
My story begins with a flight from Newark, NJ to Seattle.
My greatest adventure in Seattle was years ago at the Kingdome.
My adventure begins at the park.
My adventure begins when I take my daughter to the Family Fun Center.
My adventure begins with a snowman!
Nothing beats Seattle no matter what time of year it is!
Our adventure would start at the Cedarbrook Lodge.
My adventure begins at Safeco field to see the Mariners
Our adventure begins with shopping and dinner.
My adventure begins with my grandson, Wyatt, in Everett.
My winter adventure was meeting my daughter and her girlfriend at Chinooks.
Winter in Seattle has to include a fire in the fireplace
My adventure is a reunion.
My adventure would be drinking and riding on the winery and waterfalls tour.
I had a really fun time at the Seahawks game.
My winter story will start with a tour of the Redhook Ale Brewery
My adventure begins with frozen fish.
The best way to spend winter in Southside Seattle is to be outdoors.
I have never visited Seattle without a walk along Alki Beach.
My adventure would begin in Point Defiance Park and Garden.
My adventure to Seattle begins with a trip to the world famous Public Market.
We visit the sights and eat at the most homey and delicious eateries near the waterfront.
My northwest adventure begins by celebrating our friends birthday by all of us snowboarding.
My Adventure begins at the space needle.
My adventure starts 40 years ago when I lived in Seattle.
My story begins with visiting our great friends in Capital Hill.
We LOVE Seattle. Went there on our honeymoon over 26 years ago.
Our adventure begins with Trolls & Bridges
My adventure begins with a visit to the five points cafe for breakfast.
Seattle has great days on the snow
My adventure begins at marketplace, Chinatown and the needle.
I'd start by staying at the Cedar Brook lodge
My adventure begins the moment I step off the plane
Our adventure tried to begin the day after Thanksgiving.
My southide Seattle adventure begins with a morning tromp through the beautiful Bloedel Reserve.
My adventure begins with a visit to my son.
My adventure begins with some extra vacation days.
One of the best adventures I've had was the New Year's Eve
My adventure begins with two grandpas dressed up for Christmas Eve.
My adventure begins with looking out at the rainbow.
Our adventure would begin with a visit all the silly touristy places .
Our winter adventure began with a call from my wife's supervisor.
My story starts on the ferry from Bremerton.
My favorite winter adventures are all about family.
My adventure started when my Son and his family arrived here from California for the Christmas Holidays.
Our adventure begins with a cartoon drawing.
My adventure begins at the warm & toasty Red Lion
My wife and i have been coming to seattle for a few day getaway since 1963
My story begins with a quick trip North from Sea-Tac on the Link Light-rail.
We visited Forks (ofcourse) La Push, Port Angeles, and Seattle.
I love to come to Seattle at different times of the year.
My adventure begins at sunset.
My adventure begins with a Seattle Center proposal.
My adventure begins with a trip to the market.
My adventure begins with a Christmas Carol.
My adventure begins with my grandsons.
My adventure begins with cheering on the Seahawks.
My adventure begins with sharing memories.
My adventure begins with skiing.
My adventure began with a proposal!
My winter adventure started with a new set of snow shoes, an adventurous friend, and a hankering for some snow.
My adventure begins with a snowball fight.
My adventure begins on the mountain.
My adventure begins with biscuits and gravy.
My adventure begins with whirlwind excitement.
My adventure begins with the boys and the hawks.
My adventure begins behind the glass.
My adventure begins with gingerbread!
My adventure begins on the slopes.
My adventure begins with shredding some fresh powder!

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