Whether rewarding a group of hard working individuals or encouraging groups to work better together team-building activities are great for a break in a conference, as a way to break the ice or as a celebration for the completion of a goal. Below is a list of ideas for all sizes and kinds of groups.

Team Building: 
Shuttle Launch
Immerse yourself in an experiential learning environment with a Space Shuttle simulator program designed to promote teamwork and clear communication at the Museum of Flight. Team members work together to ensure the safety of the crew and shuttle.
Culinary Team-Building
At Albert Lee Culinary Events Center you can choose from a collaborative team-building approach that results in a group feast or select a competitive team cook-off Iron Chef style. No matter the event everyone is a winner when delicious food is served!

 Sports Stars
 Starfire Sports Campus
, home to the Seattle Sounders FC, offers a world class facility with indoor and outdoor spaces ideal for teambuilding. This venue offers private space for dining, classes, competitions and classic teambuilding activities. Popular activities include:

  1. “Mine Field” where objects are scattered to create an obstacle course. In pairs, a participant verbally guides their partner, a blindfolded person, through the “mine field.”
  2. “All Aboard” a classic challenge puts the group in a position to physically support one another in an endeavor to occupy an ever-diminishing space.
  3. Warp Speed” where groups pass a ball around a circle as fast as possible and make bets on their time.
  4. Traditional “Scavenger Hunt” divides the group into teams and scours the campus in a race to be the first to collect all the items on their list.

If your group embraces an active culture, choose one of three sports for your outing: Soccer, Flag Football or Dodgeball. Facilitators are on-site to organize teams, explain rules, create game schedules, referee and provide equipment, and track scores and standings.

Morale Building:

 Golf Tournament
 Experienced golfers appreciate a chance to hit the links while people new to the sport can take a swing at learning something new. Either way a chance to get out of the office and connect beyond a cubicle can go a long way towards morale building back in the office. The Southside offers two 18-hole public courses, Foster's and Riverbend, complete with golf-pro, full service restaurants with private dining options and free parking. Make your outing more memorable with personalized trophies with your company logo and encouraging inscriptions. 

 It's All Fun & Games
 Give your group the gift of fun at a 9 acre amusement park open year round. The Family Fun Center offers indoor and outdoor activities easily accessed by multiple generations in the workforce. There’s something satisfying about swinging for the fences and hearing the sound of a baseball bat as it hits the ball in the batting cages. Enjoy a fun inter-department golf tournament on the park’s two 18-hole miniature golf courses. Or compete for bragging rights in the indoor Laser Tag Arena. Some restrictions may apply with regard to accessibility. The park features a wheelchair accessible elevator; there are weight limits to be included in Bumper Boats and Go Karts. Inquire for more details and to learn about group rates and park buy-outs.

Nerf or Laser Warfare
Tag Zone and Virtual Sports provide the perfect indoor environment for battles of the Nerf and Laser kind. All games are supervised with rules constantly enforced. Team work is strongly encouraged in order to play as many games as possible. Work together to capture the flag, escape from prison or win the battle.

 Go Speed Racer
  Accelerate the fun in a fast paced indoor go-kart tournament. Race around a quarter mile track at 30 to 35 MPH floating a mere inch off the track. Sykart offers private space for a catered function post race.
  High Flying
Get the feeling of jumping out of a plane without the fear of landing. iFly Indoor Skydiving makes it possible for everyone to experience the sensation of flight. Perfect for parties, reunions, groups and camps, indoor skydiving creates a sense of camaraderie and community through shared experiences. Reward your team for a job well done with the thrill of flying on a column of air.

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