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Look for places to put the Seattle Southside logo on your website (in one or many places). Use either a text link or a clickable logo link. For example:

  • Customize the message: To find out more about things to see and do in Seattle Southside (in addition to dining at (INSERT YOUR BUSINESS NAME) restaurant or shopping our amazing stores)… go to

  • Make the Seattle Southside logo clickable to

  • To find out about more things to do in Seattle Southside visit

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Use Seattle Southside Messaging

Incorporate some of the key words and phrases from Seattle Southside messaging in your web content and other communications so we are all telling the same story.

How to Submit a Great Proposal to Get More Groups!

Take some advice from meeting planners on how to submit a great proposal-it could make your life a whole lot easier!

 Here are ten quick tips for submitting proposals to Seattle Southside:

  1. Fully answer the questions that are asked, and ONLY answer what's being asked-don't add irrelevant information. Meeting planners send RFPs with the information they need to make their decisions. Other information takes extra time to go through and bogs down the process.
  2. Make your proposal as clear as possible. Include a cover sheet with an overview of what the planner will find in the proposal with a table of contents. Make the total costs clear (attrition costs, guest room nights, etc.), make note of any important dates and include anything that will add value to the meeting. List out things that are extra (not in the original RFP) so that the planner can see the added value.
  3. List out all concessions you're willing to give followed by a dollar amount to illustrate the cost savings to the group.
  4. Include meeting room names. Meeting planners want to know so they can verify dimensions and size. This can be a deal breaker! Include diagrams too-meeting planners will take the time to look at these.
  5. Don't send outdated menus. Meeting planners like to know current menus and pricing. They understand it will change by the time they get there, but they want to get an idea.
  6. Send your proposal how and when the meeting planner requests. Find this information in the "action required" section of the lead Seattle Southside sent. Meeting planners typically want proposals sent directly to them or have Seattle Southside send over all of the proposals in a bid packet. Sending your proposals how and when the meeting planner wants is very important! It shows you listen to their needs and wants and will be a delight to work with.
  7. Do not send the proposal for properties outside of Seattle Southside region. Doing so may cause your hotel to be removed from receiving future leads.
  8. Don't forget your contact information. Meeting planners want your email and your direct line. They want to talk to you, not your receptionist.
  9. Follow-up with what you propose. Give a friendly phone call or email. Meeting planners love to develop relationships and they want to create lasting ones. (This only applies if the meeting planner wants to be contacted directly.)
  10. Do what you can to make the process simpler for the planner. Send Outlook reminders and take the time to find out what's important to them. If they have a special need or request, work with them to make it happen. (This only applies if the meeting planner wants to be contacted directly.)

Tips on Using Social Review Sites to Help Your Brand

More often, it's customer service that sets a business apart from its competitors. This customer service is an extension of your brand, and your brand is a part of our destination's brand. 

Social review sites are very popular with travelers. TripAdvisor has more than 50 million monthly visitors and more than 60 million reviews while Yelp has more than 66 million monthly visitors and more than 25 million reviews! With 90 percent of consumers trusting peer recommendations, it's more important than ever to monitor these sites to see what's being said about your brand. Learning how to leverage your brand in the social world is a great way to drive business to your door.

Use sites such as TripAdvisor and Yelp to pay attention to what's being said and monitor these conversations. You can't control the conversation, but you can influence it...both online and in person.

Tips for handling the conversation:

  • If you receive a bad review: say you're sorry. Express empathy and compassion. Don't discuss problems online, bring them offline.
  • Be responsive and timely and don't get defensive.
  • Be sensitive and authentic: everyone is watching!
  • Respond to positive and negative reviews: show people they're heard.
  • Match your response to how significant the issue is.

How do you increase your presence on social review sites?

  • Encourage customers to visit the websites.
  • Send personal emails to customers with direct link to leave feedback.
  • Put TripAdvisor and Yelp icons on your website just like you would Facebook or Twitter.
  • Print TripAdvisor business cards, available at a low cost through the TripAdvisor website.

Take advantage of these free sites by signing up to manage your account at or


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