Des Moines Creek Park Trail

2151 S 200th St
SeaTac, WA 98198

There's plenty of room for exercising or taking in a morning walk while enjoying a peaceful Southside visit. The Des Moines Creek Trail offers a nice connection between the south side of Seattle and the waterfront community of Des Moines. The paved trail begins just south of the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on 188th Street and winds through a paved and wooded path of Des Moines Creek Park.

The urban topography of blackberry vines and ivy-strangled trees brightens with sword ferns, bright green moss and lichen-daubed alder trees. As the path curves between forested hillsides, you can hear a cheerful, watery babble.

The Des Moines Creek is a refreshing surprise, as each step bring you closer to what can only be described as akin to any lowland forest on this side of the Cascades. Here you will forget you are close to a major airport.

Beautiful leaves in the fall and colorful flowers in the spring and summer combined with a lively creek with miniature waterfalls make this a peaceful nature escape.

The park offers basic amenities, such as benches, picnic tables, and drinking fountains, as well as a network of mountain biking trails to explore. On the trail's southern end, enjoy a stroll over the water on the long pier. You can also continue your journey south on a shared-road bike route on Marine View Drive about 2 miles to Saltwater State Park, where you'll find sandy beaches, tide pools, and a scuba diving reef.

Parking is available on the north end of the trail in Des Moines Creek Park (2151 S. 200th Street) and, on the south end of the trail, in Des Moines Beach Park (22030 Cliff Avenue South).

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This attraction is located about 1.5 miles from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.
Duration:about 2 hours

Dawn til Dusk

Features:Free Parking
Handicapped Accessible
Does Not Accept Cash
Does Not Accept Credit Cards

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